I played the lottery twice in a week. Not something I normal do- but the lottery was a staggering 500 million- an unimaginable amount of money!

There seemed to be  collective sharing of dreams with people I hardly knew, who had also bought tickets – smiling , laughing , going bigger and wilder than we normally allowed ourselves to be. ” What will you do when you win?”

Most people would pay off debts, help family, subscribe to charity and travel….myself included.

I joked with my waitress at breakfast that I would see her under a palm tree in the Bahama’s with a long cold drink –

It did my heart good to hear that people do still dream. But I wondered what are we doing to move forward with these dreams. Do we really think all that money will make us happy and I wonder if  we really ever stop dreaming?

If we had all the money that we wanted, would the fact that we had nothing to strive for make us miserable?

If you had all the money you wanted – who would you be, what would you be and where would you be?