Welcome to Write Works

deeOnce upon a time…. ah, we hold our breaths and wait for the storyteller to weave us into the magic of the scene. No need have we now for ‘The Simpsons’ or ‘Desperate Housewives’, no need have we for ‘shoot-em-up’ games or ‘netsurfing’, for we are transported to other places. The words, the cadence, the rhythms scoop us up and whisk us into the journey of imagination. And, suddenly, we remember. We remember that childhood place; we remember the fear prickling our necks and the sorrow that squeezed our hearts or the laughter that crinkled the corner of our eyes. We remember and in remembering we know our own story.

By listening, the words and images become ours; we feel them and taste them, then after the teller has led us safely to the end of the journey our own story emerges. Our story that needs to be told because it nudges our hearts and keeps us awake with the unfolding of the scenes and the whispering of the words

“What will they say about us a thousand years from now is waiting for us by the fire. Come, speak, I’ll listen. Come listen, I’ll speak. When the space is set so the ear in the heart can remain open, our stories will serve for you and I will listen through the h(ear)t in me.” – From the Story Catcher by Christina Baldwin.

“A person needs a story more than food to stay alive. That is why we put these stories in each other’s memories.” –Barry Lopez.

This site is about the power of the word, observations of life, the love of people and their experiences. Some of it will be gritty and gnarly; there will be humor that is wild and wacky and beauty that will make you sigh. Please walk through it with an open heart.