A Tribute to my people

We are savage and tender, poets, dancers and singers, murderers and bigots, artists and writers, alcoholics and religious zealots, beautiful and ugly.

We laugh and dance and sing and drink to celebrate our joys and to hide our pain. Our emotions are raw and vulnerable. We keep terrible secrets yet bare our souls.

mystical ireland (2)

We are the most intricate and wonderful people in the world, for we are who we are with total sincerity. We are resplendent in all our morbid glory. We are all facets of what human kind entails. All, I say all, on this tiny island, this poor country torn by violence and suffering.

But ach, when you see the light shining through the mist in the morning and the colors of the heather. How simply exquisite is this land when the sun shines. Your heart can not love a land as deeply as we do. For it is all that makes us what we are.